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Have you been hurt and are now unable to work? You may find Social Security disability is hard to get - let us help you

No matter what happened or what has put you in this place, you may be entitled to Social Security disability coverage. However, nearly all Social Security claims are initially denied. Don't let a denial stop you from getting the compensation you deserve.


Work with our dedicated attorney to process all of your claims. We'll give you the legal representation and support you need for all of your needs, including:


• Social Security disability initial claims

• Supplemental Social Security Insurance

• Appeals for denials

• Legal representation in front of boards


There is no guarantee you'll qualify, but with our legal information, you can make the right decision for your situation.

You can trust Beverly Paschal Poston, Attorney At Law to help you with other claims you may have, including personal injury claims.

Need additional legal support?

Call us now for a flexible appointment time to discuss your Social Security claim

Get a one-on-one consultation with our attorney. You can get the information you need about any Social Security questions you have.

Get help with Social Security disability

Trust our experienced attorney to help you with your Social Security needs.

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